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When creating an event on BoostEvents, whether it is multilingual or monolingual, you have the possibility of allowing users to pre-register for it. You can enable this by checking the registration box during the first step of the Event Creation page:

This allows you to know who would like to attend the event and the users will have the event listed in their portal, as well as allow them to receive email notifications regarding any changes to the date and time for it.

Here's an example of a registration page:

For audience members to join events with pre-registration, please follow this link


Option 3 - Event with registration (need to have a BoostEvents account) 

a) For new users who don’t have BoostEvents accounts:

  1. Receive the registration link from the event organizer
  2. Register for the event (see example below)
  3. Receive login  credentials in your email
  4. Login to the Portal page and Join the event




b) For users who have BoostEvents accounts:

  1. Login BoostEvents Portal
  2. Receive the registration link from the event organizer
  3. Register for the event




4. Refresh the Portal page and Join the event


If you have any questions, please write to events.support@boostlingo.com


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