Boostlingo Events Audience Interface

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Instead, they can send messages to chat with other participants.

1. Request Floor

If the audience requests a Speaker role inside the event, by pressing the "hand"Screenshot icon, they can be promoted as Speakers and intervene with voice or video inside the meeting. 

2. Choose a Language (lower-right corner) 


  • You will hear your preferred language either from the active speaker or from the simultaneous interpretation.
  • Different languages will be available at the event depending on your needs.

3. Interface Language (top-right corner)


Choose in which language all of the features will be displayed, including on the portal or login process.

4. Speaker View (for the "Moderated Event") configurationScreenshot_2023-02-13_at_12.46.59.png    

  • Toggle between seeing one or more speakers (panelists)
  • Optional depending on the event configuration

5. Speaker List

33.png 3.png

Press to see the list of all speakers invited to the event

6. Live Technical Support


Opens a private chat with the Boostlingo Events staff for technical support.

7. Event Slides

They will be shown if they are uploaded.

8. Magnifying Glass

6.png- When pressed, event slides or video feed from the active speaker will go on full-screen

9. Chat Channels

Choose the one you would like to chat with in any language (learn more about chat channels).

10. Polls

The moderator can submit questions with options for you to answer during the event.

To translate the Chats and Polls that you receive


Please write to if you have any questions.

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