How to use BoostLink Desktop app on Mac

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Step #1: Open the BoostLink desktop app and insert the event key and your name.




Step #2: On Zoom, enter the meeting and then select “Test Speaker and Microphone”.




On MS Teams, enter the meeting and select "Make a test call".




Step #3: On Zoom, select BoostLink Sound Device as the speaker (output) and confirm you hear the ringtone playing.




On MS Teams, select BoostLink Sound Device as the speaker (output) and confirm you hear the test call audio.



Step #4: Next, open the BoostLink desktop app and select the language you wish to listen to.




Please note that if you select “Floor” you will hear your own audio when you take the floor, so we recommend choosing the correct language from the menu to avoid double audio.

That's it, now you will be able to hear the interpretation from the BoostLink desktop app when you participate in the Zoom meeting (while the original audio is muted).

  • Don’t forget to return your speaker section to normal after the Zoom meeting ends.
  • The BoostLink desktop app performance can be compromised in older Mac machines. If not working as intended, please join the BoostLink meeting on your internet browser as an audience with a guest link previously sent.



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