How and when can I access the recordings?

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Check this article about how to record an event. 


After the event - How can I access the recording?

Once your event has ended, you can access the recording via this link: 

For European region:<<EVENT KEY>>

For US region:<<EVENT KEY>>

  • You can check your recorded language channels from this link

  • You can download each language channel separately as an mp4. file

  • The 6-digital EVENTKEY can be found on your Portal page --> Past Events (see the example below):



How long will the recording be available?

The recording is available a few hours after the event has ended. Longer events may take additional time to be processed.


How can I delete the recording?

It is not possible to delete the recording on your own, but in case you are the event organizer, you can write to and our support team will help you.

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