How to participate in open meetings

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BoostEvents Open Meeting allows for up to 13 video feeds (including the slide) to be shown on the screen.

This means only 13 people (including the moderator) can speak at one time. If you are speaker number 14 your microphone is muted and your video feed will not be shown on the screen. 


Additional Speakers can participate in the event, they need to raise their hands using the hand icon 2.pngon the screen and the Moderator will pass the mic to them or move them into the screen.


What to Do When You Are one of the 13 speakers

Mute and unmute yourself by clicking the mic icon. Keep in mind that the moderator can also mute your audio feed.

To help the open meeting run smoothly and limit cross-talk, speakers should use the hand icon 2.png to "raise their hand". This is helpful for all participants and especially helpful for the interpreters who must follow the dialogue closely.

Because the event still features simultaneous interpretation, it's important to speak slowly and one person at a time. It's highly suggested to mute your own microphone when you are not speaking.


What to do When You Are Not One of The 13 Speakers

When there are more than 13 speakers (including the moderator), additional speakers will not be visible or able to broadcast their audio.

If you do not see yourself in the gallery, you cannot broadcast or unmute yourself, but you will be able to view and listen to the whole meeting.


In order to broadcast, you must first join as one of the 13  speakers. To do this, click the 'raise hand' icon 2.png. This informs the moderator that you would like to be moved into the screen.




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