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Razvan Toma
Razvan Toma
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The Boostlingo Events platform can be configured to work in parallel with live streaming solution, such as YouTube Live, StreamYard and many others. This allows you to broadcast each language channel as an audio and video feed to a RTMP destination.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Log on to our the Boostlingo Events Portal
  2. Create your multilingual event, or if you have created it already go to the "Details" page of it
  3. Under the "Advanced Settings tab, click the "Enable RTMP" checkbox
  4. A menu for the RTMP Streams will appear, one for each language
  5. By clicking "Add RTMP to <Language>" you will open the fields where you can add the Stream URL and Stream Key to feed into your live streaming solution
  6. Once you are ready with your configuration, press "Save Changes" on the top-right
    You are now all set to live stream the event! 

Please note:

  • This is an add-on service for Boostlingo Events - Please check with your Account Manager or our sales team in case you are interested in activating it
  • Due to the nature of RTMP protocol the feed in the target platform will be delayed up to 20 seconds compared to when it was originally live on Boostlingo Events  

For any questions or guidance, you are welcome to contact us via

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