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If you are under a BoostEvents multilingual plan, you can create your own multilingual events:

  1. Log in to your BoostEvents account

  2. Click on "Plan Event" from the top-right of the dashboard
  3. Enter the basic details (at least the Title of the event)

  4. Press "Create event"
    Note - In case you would like to immediately create a demo/test event, you can press "Start Meeting" instead - You will be taken straight on the session and the guest link will appear on your screen to be shared.

  5. Continue configuring the event depending on its requirements

  6. Add the required languages - Our team will enter the interpreter emails in case you requested simultaneous interpreting services with our support

  7. Invite the moderator and speakers (the latter can be skipped for open access)

  8. Upload the slides in advance (screen-sharing can also be used)

  9. Add your logo for additional customization

  10. Press "Save Changes" after you are done - You can edit the event later

    Note - You also have the option to "Save as template" - This is useful for quickly configuring future events by reusing the details you enter for your organization; this will appear in the first step of the "Plan Event" Process, under "Choose a template"

  11. Choose the default role for participants
    Presenters can broadcast and receive audio/video while audiences can only receive it
  12. Share the link with your participants - The "Link to join" will have the role role you selected in the previous step. The "BoostConnect" are only for an audio-only experience (e.g. hybrid event or integration with another platform).

If you have any questions, please write to

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