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If you are under a multilingual plan, you can create your own multilingual events:


*To create an event with more participants or to make your session multilingual, please contact our Sale Team via


  • Log in to your BoostEvents account


  • Click on "Plan Event"


  • Personalize your event


- Enable Multi-video: see max 13 speakers' video feeds on the screen;

- Enable Multi-audio: allow everyone to speak;

- Enable Registration: participants need to register in advance;

- Allow guests as presenters: people will join as the Speaker role (can have the floor to speak)

- Allow guests as the audience: people will join as the Audience role (can only listen and use chat);

- Disable audience access: No audience allowed


  • Select the languages you wish to add to your event


  • Assign roles to the participants



  • Create virtual booths


  • Upload your slides


  • Preview and finalize8.png


After finalizing, you will have 2 links to share with participants, for example, see the pic below:


- Share the Event link with all participants (i.e. Moderator/ Speakers/ Interpreters/ Audience), see this article about how to join the event.

- Share the Boost connect link with people who are using mobile devices to listen to the interpretation.


*After you created the event, you have the option to edit the event or add the missing information.



If you have any questions, please write to

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