How to assign Operators for your event

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Please note: only the event creator can assign the operators.

You can add an Operator to your event once you have finalized the creation of your event. 

Log into the Boostlingo Events Portal

  1. Access the "Details" of any created event
  2. Go to the "Participants" tab
  3. On the bottom of that page, you should see an "Operators" section
  4. Click "Add Operator"
  5. Enter the emails of all of participants who should have access to the operator interface
  6. Press "Add operators"
  7. Now those users will appear in that section 
  8. Once you are done editing the event, please remember to press "Save Changes" on top-right

Your Operator has now been added! You can always edit this section whenever you wish, For more information on how the Operator role works, please check our Operators Guide.

In case you have any questions, please write to

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