Navigating Internet Restrictions in China - Accessing the Boostlingo Events Platform

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Due to China's internet restrictions, users in China cannot directly access the Boostlingo Events platform without additional fees to the organizational plan owner or employing a virtual private network (VPN). This restriction poses a significant hurdle for individuals and organizations wishing to utilize the Boostlingo Events for online meetings, webinars, or other collaborative activities.

Connectivity Check

Meeting organizers are encouraged to run a test session with participants from China, before hosting an official multilingual event to ensure a smooth experience for participants.

  • This verifies the user's connection and ensures that they meet the platform's requirements.
  • If any participants cannot broadcast audio and video after allowing it from their browser, it's more likely they are facing the firewall issue.

Using a VPN for Access

One common method employed by users in China to bypass internet restrictions is the use of VPN services. By connecting to a VPN server located in a country with unrestricted internet access, users can gain entry to Boostlingo Events and utilize its features.

Extra Charges and Account Manager Assistance

Hosting online meetings through platforms with restricted access often incurs higher costs due to the need for specialized infrastructure or support services. Please check with your Account Manager about the extra charges.


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