Boostlingo Events Interpreter Interface

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1. Allow using your microphone and camera on your browser

  • Once join the event, you will receive a pop-up window like above from the browser you are using, please press "Allow"
  • The interpreters' video feed will not be broadcasted (except for sign language interpreting), though you still need to allow the use of it from your browser.

2. Test your microphone

  • Check the top-right corner of your screen, this bar should be moving when you speak into your microphone.
  • Please note to unmute yourself when testing

3. Soundcheck & Live technical support


Opens a private chat with the Boostlingo Events staff for soundcheck and technical support.


4. The Status Dot


Shows you are connected as the broadcasting interpreter. 


5. Booth Target

The booth target is the language you are interpreting into.

For example, the pic below shows you are interpreting in French. 



**very important** for Bidirectional booth:

Only the active interpreter should control the Booth Target when changing language direction.

  • It is a shared target for booth partner
  • When the booth target is changed by one booth partner, the other sees the change in their interface.

6. Engage Booth Target

The system reminds you if you haven't engaged your booth


Turn on the booth by selecting a target language


See different statuses after engaging the booth target


7. Your Source

The source is the language you are listening to.

For example, the pic below shows you are listening to the Floor language. 


  • The default Source is Floor
  • For the relay, the pivot language is chosen by selecting an alternative language under 'Source'
  • Please note other languages are available depending on the event setup

**very important** 

The system reminds you if you selected the same Source and Target.



8. Booth partner status


Easily switch the microphone with the booth partner (if the bi-directional booth is enabled).

See the status of your booth partner:

2.png  Screenshot-2022-07-11-at-16.35.40.png 4.png

  • Broadcasting - Active interpreting; only hears source language
  • Available - Muted by default; waiting to switch; hears source language & booth partner interpreting
  • Offline - Waiting to be connected
  • Idle - Mic and/or Camera blocked


9. Microphone Handover

**very important** 

You can only switch if your booth partner is online (Available)



10. Volume settings


The live interpreter can only hear the Source


The inactive interpreter can hear both the Source and Booth Partner


11. Slow down request



12. Settings


Access the settings from the top-right 3 dots 


Interface Language


Choose in which language all of the features will be displayed including on the portal or login process.

Speaker & Microphone settings



Sign Out


  • Press to leave the event and go back to the login page.
  • Please note that signing out does not stop the event. 


13. Chat channels



14. Event slides

They will be shown on the screen if they are uploaded in advance


17. Magnifying glass


The event slides or video feed of the active speaker will go on full-screen when pressed.


Please write to if you have any questions.


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